That Early Morning Earthquake.

One of the best memories:

It happened in one of those peak summer days in Patiala when people are endangered by the hot loo blowing at noon and the burning surfaces of roads/streets/terraces. One can never walk bare foot on terrace of their house. Even the stray animals kept resting under shades of trees until the evil sun stopped ragging with its heat until late in the evening.

One early morning my cousin shook me up a little violently from my deep slumber, ‘Mishu, wake up! I think there’s an earth quake!’

‘Hmm..hmm..’ I slept on. I still remember I was really irritated at being snatched away from a beautiful world and tried to go back to that dream.

‘Wake up! I’m serious!’ she panicked, sitting up straight in bed.

The position of my bed was such that a laid person’s head at 180 degree to the bed’s head could see the foot of staircase near to the entrance from outside into the dining hall through the gap of my room’s door.

I opened one eye, saw through the door and snuggled back on the pillow, ‘It’s not any earth quake, mom is skipping.’ I mumbled.

‘What!?!’ she got up, opened the door wide, witnessed it herself and bursted into fits of laughter.

Mom didn’t stop but smiled and continued delivering her shock waves to the entire house. That went on for atleast 2-3 months until mom lost significant weight and the house was at rest from the earth quakes.

The best thing about mom was she never cared how we laughed at this memory, instead she joined us in the laughter and hers was the loudest! 🙂


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