Be you – Own it.

As I’m growing older and continue to experience, one lesson that has been helping me build my confidence is- Own it. So, here’s a little something for you.

Own it when you make a mistake or fail
because it’s simply a flag from life to learn something new.

Own it when you achieve something small or huge
because it’s a clear sign of your hard work paying off.

Own it because if you don’t,
you’ll either drown in fear & doubt or never realise your spark.

Own it because the world around you will constantly tell you who you are.

Own it because you desperately need to figure out for yourself who you are.

Own it – your body, looks, hair and everything that’s you.
Your body maybe curvy/thin/disproptionate and what not but it’s yours.
Your skin tone maybe light or dark but it’s yours.
You may be bald or have tough hair but it’s yours.
So, try to stop minutely over analysing & calling it flaws,
focus on healthy habits and own it!

Own it like a toddler.

Own it like your idols.

Make your mind own it.

Make your soul own it.

Be you – Own it.

Yours truly, MS

[Been a while since I recommended music in posts 🙂 So… listen to this one – I Lived by OneRepublic]


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