Mamta Sofat

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Hi, I’m Mamta and Welcome to Mesmers Blog!

Initially, this blog was a tool for my personal creative outlet channelling my most painful emotions into words. I wrote much for myself, but it turned out that my work impacted a few. It has always been a disbelieving moment to receive validations from strangers via personal texts or in-person to say a particular article or poem I wrote gave them the answers they had been desperately looking for. I think my favourite compliment was from one of my uni mates, who I now have the privilege of calling my friend. Out of the blue, they began talking about the blog and said, ‘…after reading one of your articles about your mom, I kind of tried and began to understand mine, so just want to thank you for doing what you do.’

Over the past five years, this blog has been an essential part of my life until I took a break from writing extremely emotional content publicly 2 years ago. I couldn’t point out the exact reason at the time other than pointing out I had no more to share. After having experienced and grown just a little more, I believe the real reason was the unknown and unacknowledged need to realise all my emotions to gain more clarity and perspective on who I was, and what I am choosing to become daily.

I’ve been contemplating writing about other things like my journey in UK-based academia or working in Scotland, going from knowing nothing to knowing a lot more. However, last year’s many events knocked all my plans out the door because when did any worldwide challenge like a global pandemic ever mean a cease in dealing with personal challenges?

Anyway… Currently, I’m trying to revamp this space in hopes that sharing some of my experience, observations, etc. may help readers in some way.

So, stay tuned! ❤

Yours truly,


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