The Night’s knight

He stood there under the night sky surrounded by a gush of whistling winds, cricket noises and a seldom hoot from the owls. From the hilltop he could see the city lit in bright yellow and some red and blue, tiny dots of life hustled around busy in their shenanigans.

Did anybody know that not only were they being watched by their various forms of gods but also by some knights of the night sky? Camouflaged in paint, dressed in the olive greens with a rifle in hand, he stood there, wondering. Ears alert for every distinct sound, eyes steely, heart stoned and ready for even an animal’s attack.

There were nights when he stood at the hilltop wondering about his girl.
His duty made him hardcore, yet, his tenderness for her remained untouched. He was trained to kill, not for his defense but for the country’s. If he died at his duty, will she know he always loved her and will love her even after death?
He told her many times and asked her ‘what she would do if he died in the war zone?’ Every time she smiled, held his face in her palms and kissed him making him forget the world around and leaving her answer a mystery.

The next morning he went back home for a brief holiday and asked her the same question again. From the desk at which she had been working, she stared at him and then sighed.

‘I need an answer today. What will you do if I get killed out there?’ He said with his steely eyed look.
She stood up and went at the window, folding her arms she leaned by its side staring at the empty street.

‘Fine…’ He opened his mouth to continue but she cut across and said, ‘I’ll come after you then.’

‘What?’ Baffled with the answer. He had actually expected a fight or silence.
She walked upto him, arms still folded, looked in his eyes and said, ‘I’d do what you’d do soldier. If you can go out there protect strangers from harm because your duty asks you, then what can stop me from following you to the grave the same way?’

He sniggered looking past her, pocketing his hands  he said, ‘it’s easy to say that.’

‘Then train me so I can prove it to you.’

He looked deeper in her eyes, she didn’t move an inch, her steely eyes were more certain than the strength of a brick wall. He sighed, took his hands out of his pockets and took her in his arms, she didn’t put her arms around him but kept staring at him.

‘Since when?’ he asked bending down to kiss her.

‘Since forever.’ she answered standing still, awaiting his answer.

‘I will train you then,’ he breathed onto her lips, slightly brushing against them and continued whispering, ‘but you have to promise me something.’

Her eyes fluttered, ‘what?’

‘You’ll obey my commands if we ever go to the war zone together. Even if I tell you to run leaving me alone.’

She put her arms around him and said, ‘Now that’s not a bit but very selfish of you.’

They stood staring in each other’s eyes, the surrounding was filling up with electric waves of their radiating feelings; they both felt it. Her eyes drooped and she rested her head on his chest listening to his rapid beats; he closed his eyes smelling the scent of her hair, feeling her against his body and hugged her tight. After what seemed like ages but were actually a few minutes, they drew back, their wet eyes met, triggering their hearts to skip beat & him to sweep her off her feet and kiss her deeper than ever before.

She became the knight’s dame, stronger than him, calmer in heated situations, better than he ever imagined.

She proved to be the light of his darkness.

*The End*

-Mamta K.Sofat

[For music lovers: Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia

( )]


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