The Girl at the Shore

She stood at the shore, the tides gushing at her feet. It seemed as if she was dumbstruck and entrapped in the whole serene atmosphere. The touch of the wet sand at her feet, the tides playfully going back and forth, the smell of the sea and even the sounds of the gushing tides.

Her eyes were closed, I noticed her nose flaring at every deep breath she took in and when her eyes opened she looked at the horizon of the sea. She was deep in a different world.

I wanted to talk to her, know her and her thoughts.
Was she thinking what the sea always made me think? Or were those eyes touching thoughts deeper than the sea?

She looked down smiling and playfully dug her feet in the sand and then kicked the water. The wind blew the water drops back on her making her laugh.

‘Hey dream girl!’, called out one of her friends, ‘Come on, we gotta go!’
‘Coming!’ She shouted back and looked back at the sea sighing, ‘yeah, I gotta go…’
Her grin faltered to a smile, her eyes drooped, she turned and walked with the grace of a princess.
‘Why you’re always dreaming?’ I heard one of the girls ridiculously grinning. But the princess just smiled, shrugging and pocketing her hands she walked away along with the group. Along with her many thoughts she even took a portion of my heart…

-Mamta K. Sofat

(Picture credits: A friend of one of my besties, Saisha)

[For music lovers: Best day of my life by American Authors]



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