Teenage Lessons(Until Now…)

I started to pen down my thoughts quite a long time ago, either on diaries or shared them on Facebook. Recently, I came across one of my Facebook status’ from 2013 and realised that experiences of life never cease until we cease to exist. So, here is the addition to those thoughts of the past.

What is unhappiness according to us?
-Not being able to forget the past.
-Having feelings for someone who has the same, but not for you.
-Not being able to forget the good funny things about some friends.
-Getting hurt from the “loved ones”.
-When you get to know that the person you called your ‘bestie’ was actually double faced and bitched about you to other friends.
-When the future not only seems but is dot..dot..dot..dot..dot……
-When trust is the last word in your life’s dictionary…
-When being social seems difficult…
-Wondering if you’ll fit in the ‘new crowd’ …
-Leaving some important things / unsaid words on a random chance.
-Saying goodbye to loved ones as they go through the one way door…
last but not the least..
-When life is so called “unfair”….

But What is REAL Unhappiness?
-When we can’t give up the feeling thinking about all the “what if(s)”.
-When we expect too much from everyone and from life.
-When we are able to forgive but not forget the bitter.
-When we hurt our family.
-When we do not follow “Hakuna Matatta” i.e. when we do not leave the past behind us and allow it to ruin the present and future happiness…
-When we are unable to speak our mind out because of fear of judgements and reactions.
-When we aren’t able to love enough to let go…
-When we forget to live for ourselves.
-When dreams seem just dreams not possibilities…

Lessons learnt
# Live life and let live…
# Laugh out loud no matter how croaky it is.
# Try forgetting the bitterness of the experience but rather learn from it for your own peace of mind.
# Move on in life without looking back. On the path we travel, it’s only ours, a few will follow and most of the times it is to be traversed Alone
# Spread as many smiles as you can.
# A problem doesn’t have only one solution, look from every positive angle.
# A dream can never be impossible to achieve. All one needs is: faith in their own dreams, and hard work to gain others’ faith in it.
#Take every opportunity to learn new things. Remember~ ‘Knowledge is Power.’
#Circumstances should NOT halt your steps towards your dreams. Remember, you are a human with great powers and NOTHING is IMpossible!
# speak your mind soon enough. Time is a big gamble, one might never get another chance….

Life is not easy but it isn’t even impossible, it’s rather a sour challenge, needed to be taken…

-Mamta K. Sofat

(For music lovers- Louder by Lea Michele)


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