To the leaders who’ve inspired me

As you leave on your new adventures,

you are leaving a mark.

Well, a mark for some and a gap for many.

Your shoes are absolutely massive to fill,

your honesty & guidance rare.

As you leave for your new adventures,

I hope you remember to be simply You.

You are indeed a human full of flaws, fears,

personal battles and what not…

But what makes you You is your integrity and courage

to look within, to never stop learning & growing.

As you leave for your new adnevtures,

the likes of me are fumbling a little

but seeing you grow and reflecting on your ways

empowers us to let go of our fears

and resume our little adventures.

Wherever you go, I hope the universe looks out for you.

I hope you continue to grow and inspire more.

The world needs many more like you.

Best regards,


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