Ishi Khan- I’mMigrant

Show 3

I was intrigued to see this show after reading the title “I’mMigrant” and the description “… Ishi explores migration & identity. As stories of the migration crisis, Brexit & the Windrush scandal dominated the news, Ishi wonders where she fits in….”

I invited a friend to join me to end my week’s self-imprisonment at home. Ishi’s show was held in the basement of the Cuckoo’s Nest in Home Street and runs until 25th August at 2pm. We entered the dim-lit room and I did not expect Bollywood music!

The music ended and a few more guest arrived by the time Ishi introduced herself as the Zambian-born living in Britain with Indian ancestry. In a playful and highly energetic manner she draws her audience into her world where she explored her ancestry, introduction to Bollywood, family and cultural complexities and breaking the norms. She not only shows you a hilarious picture of her perception of Bollywood but also playfully ends with a low budget depiction of what dancing in a Bollywood movie looks like. So, whether you’re a migrant or not, this show is for all seeking positive humour especially on migration, ancestry and well Bollywood.

After the Fringe, you can follow her up on her other shows via her website.

Digital Prints available on request, email for pricing.


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