Be you – Own it.

As I’m growing older and continue to experience, one lesson that has been helping me build my confidence is- Own it. So, here’s a little something for you.

my sunrays

When you left, it felt like the sun was gone for my moon only leaving darkness behind. 6 years gone by, I’ve been like a star reborn going through darkness and shining my own light. and sometimes I wonder, if you were my sunlight at all, or a dark black hole that gave me birth…

A letter to You

One of my best friends asked me, ‘how is it that you’ve been so strong?’ Like many great humans in the past may have already said this my reply to it is, ‘when you love someone with every ounce of your heart & you lose them at hands of death not once but twice. Since…

Whispers Across the Universe

Middle of the night,the stars shining bright,a full moon she stared at with bright big tear glistening eyes. ‘Where are you?’ a whisper escaped her trembling red lips. Sighs heaved as silent tears flowed down her cheeks. Middle of the night,standing in the middle of the luscious green gardens,under the beautiful night sky,alone she wept….

Breaking Point?

What prompts you to wake up in the middle of the night could be thirst, the sound of thunder and the sight of lightening or all of it. What keeps you up at nights or prompts you to wake up in the middle of nights could also be either love, betrayal, heartbreak, memories of the…