Projects completed during Bachelor’s (2015-2019)

Project 01: create a smart application for patients with rheumatic diseases

A team project developed in the given coursework for my Bachelor’s 4th year course module, Advanced Interaction Design. The project task was to develop a touch screen application compatible with both Android and iOS devices to provide self-management capabilities to patients with mobility issues. The team chose to focus on patients with rheumatic diseases, in particular, Rheumatoid Arthritis and named the prototype ‘Helper‘.

My Role

I contributed in establishing the stakeholders, creating user personae and storyboarding for the application. I researched and corroborated the location charateristics where the product would be ideally used. In the prototype development, I created the ‘fitness’ feature of the application.

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Helper: A smart application for patients with Rheumatic Diseases

Project 02: a board game to aid young kids to learn basic object-oriented programming

A team project developed in my Bachelor’s 2nd year course module, Interaction Design. The project task was to design a physical game to help children learn programming without using any technical devices. The team collectively decided to create a board game – ‘Short Circuit

My Role

I designed and developed the playing cards and co-developed a board game guide with a member of the team.

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Short Circuit: A factory escape board game

Other projects are currently being added. Coming Soon!