Men with Coconuts

Show 2

This was a part of my student ambassador job where I assisted a group of students from China on a Cultural Program at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh Campus) on a 14/12/10/6-week Pre-sessional English course.

Since past 3 years, coming to the end of this cultural program begins the Fringe and it’s the best time for everyone. Alas! sometimes some students cancel out last minute and miss all the fun, but all the future students are advised to not to do so because – I repeat – August is the best time because of the Fringe festival. You don’t want to miss out unless ofcourse you are preparing for your final tests.

Men with Coconuts is an improvisational comedy performed by a team of 5 men, one of who sits by a keyboard giving sound effects to the madness of the other four troupes. They offered us, the audience, to shout out a word to them on which they shall perform an on the spot piece. One gentleman threw in ‘validation’ and no, he didn’t know them he was actually a guest of one of my group members. Soon the 4 men began in symphony a scene with a child seeking validation from his parents which turned into a replay like the inception that extended to some musical! I must say all five men were not croaking like I would when I sing but were brilliant singers all singing in symphony.

I was amazed at how their team effort, eye contact and body language was so intertwined that they seemed to work as one organism and it made the show a great success, wooing the audience by the end so well that we all indeed validated them.

They’re still performing at the Gilded Balloon! Find out more on their lovely website.

Digital Prints available on request, email for pricing.

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