Vir Das: Loved

Show 1

Vir Das- a name well known to the Indian audience or anyone well versed with the Bollywood world.

My friend invited me to watch Loved and I didn’t even have to think twice. It was Vir Das, an actor whose unique acting skills were etched in my head since I had seen him in a Bollywood movie called ‘Delhi Belly’. I had to make time for it!

The show began with a subtle note to not take pictures sadly but I hoped to take one after the show. Alas! Vir seemed to be running around right after the show so I couldn’t get my selfie or autograph. But…

One hour of ‘Loved’ was an utter laughter roller coaster. Starting with his childhood love to marriage counselling to highlighting the current political nuance occuring in the world to butchering the British & Indian people who dip their Parle-G a little too long in their tea and at last ending the show with a blow to the poor kid of his first girl ‘whose mother he kissed’, his comical delivery was beyond just amusing.

While his shows at the Edinburgh Fringe have finished, he’s roaming the world this year so check out his website to catch up with him on his Loved Tour.


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