A letter to You

One of my best friends asked me, ‘how is it that you’ve been so strong?’

Like many great humans in the past may have already said this my reply to it is, ‘when you love someone with every ounce of your heart & you lose them at hands of death not once but twice. Since you know they’ll never come back, but you childishly hope for a miracle & growing up you learn that there is no miracle once you’re touched by death. There’s no greater pain than that. If you manage to heal yourself from that loss and overcome the  abundant amount of mixed emotions governed by hopelessness and still in time, maybe 2 years maybe 4 years or whatever, you manage to find hope again then anything negative that happens after is way too little to bother about. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother you, it does but not for long. You begin to forgive a little quickly than before, you hold a little less grudges, you tend to learn quickly and begin to see patterns to protect yourself from negative experiences repeating but if you were always a giver then you always find a reason to continue giving love knowing way too well how much it hurts and understanding the actions of those who do you wrong. It’s not all as easy as it may sound, it’s just years of practice, growth, positive self-talk and most importantly, the choice and preference of staying at peace and slowly moving on. The creator has been good to me to enable me to see flickers of light in all the darkness that has ever surrounded me. So, I’m not born strong but my life experiences as a result of my choices, my mother’s & the creator’s blessings have helped me become who I am today. The best thing is that I am not the only one, there are several others stronger than I am, going through different difficulties, falling and rising stronger than even they themselves ever imagined.’

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