Oh Edinburgh!

The sun shines bright,
the grass tickles my back,
a slight breeze,
fingers through my tangled hair.

Eyes wandering up at the bright blue clear skies,
birds soaring high.

Trees shining green,
shadows growing stronger
moving around as the sun rises & sets.

Yellow daffodils along the road sides,
little white & yellow daisies sprouting out on garden sites,
from the dirt between the slits on pathways & walls.

Fields turning luscious green & yellow,
Pentlands all standing tall and all clear.

Everyone’s climbing Arthur’s seat,
got a dog on the leash.

A book in hand,
sitting by Calton hill is my friend,
with a view of clear blue sea so serene.

Smiling faces out in the streets,
kids running around the meadows,
while adults deep asleep.
Ice creams dripping & iced drink bottles clinking,
laughter brimming,
performances thrilling.

There are some cycling,
I see some life signs on the boats in that canal!

Oh Edinburgh!
The gloom days are long gone,
for the Meadows is now again mesmerising
with its white & pink cherry blossoms.

No more gloom. No more gloom.
For the cherry blossoms have finally bloomed!

-Yours truly
(Find more of my photography & short write ups on: Image result for instagram icon @mamtasofat )

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