Serenity. Serenity. Serenity.

Sun shining bright,
wind gushing through my curls.
Sun’s heat tickling my face,
while the cool breeze evened it out,
not letting my skin burn.

Serenity. Serenity. Serenity.

There’s a constant rustling of leaves from the trees around,
birds are happily chirping,
clouds are rapidly moving
with the wind creating funny shapes.
I saw the little fluffy pup in them.
It looked as if it was happily running around in the sky,
just like the ones I see in the Meadows on days like this.

Serenity. Serenity. Serenity.

I stood in the garden facing the bright sun.
Eyes closed.
People passing by might have assumed I’m meditating
but do I care about how they perceive my moment?
There’s something about this atmosphere today.
It’s not unusual for me
to bask in sunlight at every chance I get.
Yet today, something is different.
I can’t see the usual darkness on shutting my eyes.
Theyr’re shut but I can still see.

This sunlight is doing some tricks,
I can see reflections of my red blood flowing in my eyelids.

Serenity. Serenity. Serenity.

It’s magical how the sun is shining
through my closed eyes.
I’m in an empty world of my own,
bright yellow turning white.
It’s infinite & just very content.
I look for people in it but wait,
let me be just by myself for a while.

Serenity. Serenity. Serenity.

Deep breaths,
the dance of clouds covering & unveiling the sun
make reflections in my eyes dance too,
turning my world yellow red grey yellow white & yellow again.
“Stay,” I whispered to both sunlight & this peace.
And it stayed,
but the day to day chores
were calling me back with urgency.

Serenity. Serenity. Serenity.

“I’ll see you again.” whispered my heart.
I smiled opening my eyes back
to the view of the little beautiful garden.

Serenity. Serenity. Serenity.

I spent time with myself today
in the unknown existence of the serenity
present in the depths of my heart.

It chose to reflect in my eyes today.

Oh Universe… Thank you for these bounties of nature,
for the power it holds to make one feel great and gracious.

Serenity. Serenity. Serenity.

That bright light in my eyes
reflected the universe within me,
the serenity of my soul.

[For music lovers: Far & beyond by Charles Bolt

Enjoy the Spring!]

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