The Book Thief

A little girl in times that the world still dreads- war,
A war that left nightmares to many,
the time when Nazy Germany swore to terrorise.

We seldom give chances to the ones who deeply hurt us.
Markus Zusak sees differently.

An uninvited guest the world has always dreaded and hated- death.
What if death tells you that like many of us it too doesn't like its job,
would you agree to listen to the story death has to tell you?

Death is haunted by humans
and humans are haunted by death.

Strange yet beautiful,
this is a tale written by a little girl sitting in her basement
as an army prepared to raid their little town with bombs.
A tale of a young Jew,
day dreaming to fight the Fuhrer Hitler in a boxing ring,
just touched by death.
A tale of a father keeping his foster daughter happy,
teaching her to read 
and standing up for justice for the innocent.
A tale of a young boy's undying love and friendship.
A tale of lives,
torn apart by madness of one leader's dream,
fighting for justice,
fighting loss and death,
fighting nightmares left by them.

A tale of a little girl bound in relationship
with boy who loved her, foster parents but above all books.

Her tale narrated with love by death.

A tale that leaves one in gusts of emotions 
for relationships, life and death
and for books!


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