Everyday had been Mother’s Day

Born in a Hindu family, a point came in my mother’s life when she fell in love with the Sikh religion. In her words ,”I had read many holy books, every good quote that came in my time’s newspaper but nothing satisfied my thirst for peace. Then when the first time I read the Guru Granth Sahib ji, it felt as if I finally have got what I wanted. A best friend.”

She said that not only did other people told her this but even from her experience when she read this holy book with most concentration it felt as if it were talking to her.

One day she read a news that had disturbed her to the core of her heart: Child abortion because the child was a girl (female feticide) . It was at that moment when she quoted these famous words by Guru Nanak Dev Ji from the holy book.


As much as I remember from my life with her, I saw her growing stronger and stronger with each hurdle in her life. She was always extremely open towards learning new things. She had her own principles and stubbornness (something that all of her heirs inherited as well). But the good change I saw in her was when she wanted to know and understand where she was wrong and when told, she either gave her reasons & made others understand or understood herself the depth of what ever was being told to her and tried changing accordingly.

Although she is gone but from her life I have still a lot to learn.

On this mother’s day, I remembered a moment from past. It was when mom had received flowers from one of my sisters and when they talked on phone my mother said ,”you have already done a lot for me and for all of which I can’t repay you even by giving my life but my prayers and all good wishes are always with you.” Later she said to me, “The girls who have been celebrating mother’s day everyday since childhood don’t have to do all this. Although I understand their gratitude but you should know as well, that they did what real loving daughters/sons do. People have created all these days, but very few actually understand the value of parents and I’m grateful to god for blessing me with such daughters who do understand.”


The point is that a two minute phone call everyday to your parents is more than enough. Helping them in their troubled times like they helped us in everything we did for the for the first time wouldn’t cost us any thing. They wouldn’t ask for help and might even resist but when you can see they need it, give it because we too never asked them to help us but whenever we fell and cried they didn’t ignore us but came running to help us.

Not only does the every religion say to respect mothers, every good ethical person would also know this.

As we see in movies, fiction or based on true stories, how all mothers aren’t perfect and some mothers might not be even birth mothers, etc. The thing is as humans we all have troubles, trust me, even those who seem all drunk in happiness have either fought troubles to create it or have ignored all of it and burried them unsolved somewhere at the corner of their mind.

Everyone of us at different levels go through similar problems and it depends on us how we solve them. In this solving process we aren’t alone, we always have agents effecting our environment/situation in either good way or bad. But if we know this that we are humans with great powers and give ourself a silent space to think over from different angles we’d always find a solution.

Relationships of all kinds work the same, they don’t need to be controlled rather just need to be understood. They all just take a lot of patience, love, etc etc to get through this journey life.

TO all the Moms:

Whether you gave birth or adopted, whether you are single or married; You are perfect in your imperfections. If despite all your own troubles you are taking care of someone or many, I salute you and encourage you to be your kind self no matter what because this world needs more kind hearts. Since mothers are also teachers, some known/unknown may learn and inherit your ethical moral values because we mostly never know who is looking upon us.

Mamta Sofat

‘A picture depicts a thousand words.’ In the featured picture of this post from an unknown painter I don’t see only a Sikh woman’s (Mai Bhago) story that encourages women of the world but also an additional depiction of every woman’s heart with a hidden and mostly forgotten strength.

[For music Lovers: Ammi by Satinder Sartaj
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIvGeo5gR08 )(Punjabi song, translation included, Kudos to the maker!)

Thank you Mama by Sizzle
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32ZI1yWUdNc )

Mamma by Irfan Makki
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAt2ORUQbnU )

Mom by Meghan Trainor, Kelli Trainor
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_XYjR0aUf8 )]

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